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This is the eighth in a series of profiles of the dedicated individuals behind the Safe Care, Saving Lives project. Safe Care, Saving Lives is a quality improvement project to improve neonatal care in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. See the previous post in the series.

“Very early in my life, living in Hanamkonda, I decided that I wanted to be an engineer. My father was a driver in the Indian railways, and my mother was a homemaker. Nursing, for me, happened by chance. My aunt who works as a nurse in Warangal, asked me to give nursing a try. I have never looked back.

I developed a special interest in pediatric nursing. After graduating from nursing school in Vijayawada, I had the opportunity to work at private tertiary care hospitals for children. My five years there taught me the concepts of quality of care in newborn nursing. I proceeded to do a specialization in neonatal nursing.

I always wanted to bring my knowledge in quality of care to wherever I worked. My areas of interest in newborn care are decreasing length of stay and rational antibiotic usage.

I continue to aspire to be better in whatever I do. I want to pursue my master’s and spread my knowledge to the younger generation of nurses. I hope that one day I am able to change the current system of classroom based nursing education. I want to see that the culture of quality is incorporated as a basic value into every nursing student I teach!”

摩登乐龄项目: 关注并培养创业家和企业对乐龄领域创新创业的兴趣,旨在增加能够满足老龄人口需求的企业数量,提升乐龄产业产品和服务的质量。