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ACCESS Health关注可提高医疗健康服务及医疗筹资系统功能的新技术,以增加上述可负担医疗科技的可及性。



在菲律宾,医疗科技日新月异。作为全世界手机使用量最大的国家之一,菲律宾农村地区的手机持有量也在快速增加。考虑到菲律宾独特的自然地理环境及良好的科技发展背景,菲律宾有能力引领医疗健康领域的信息交流技术发展。ACCESS Health菲律宾正在开展试点项目,采用医疗科技手段打破地理限制,收集可靠健康信息,并实现全民医保目标。


  • (英文)e-AKaP项目


    The e-AKaP Project trains and equips frontline community health workers in the Philippines with tablets and a mobile application. The project helps workers to monitor and communicate important information to expectant mothers and families. e-AKaP is a Tagalog acronym that stands for “e-Action for Universal Health.”

  • (英文)Pinoy健康创新项目


    ACCESS Health established the Pinoy Health Innovations Project in the Philippines. The project brings together healthcare providers, customers, and technology experts to explore some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare in the Philippines and to develop innovative technology solutions.

  • (英文)全民医保联合学习项目


    The Joint Learning Network brings together low and middle income countries in Africa and Asia to share experiences, challenges, and insights drawn from their efforts to achieve universal health coverage.

  • (英文)医疗健康市场创新中心


    The Learning Exchange provides funding to facilitate structured learning partnerships between or among organizations that are profiled by the Center for Health Market Innovations. The Learning Exchange will help programs improve business practices, adopt innovations, or scale up or replicate an aspect of their model to a new market.

  • (英文)联合学习基金


    The Joint Learning Network established the Joint Learning Fund to support the ability of Network members to learn from each other on a range of topics, including expanded coverage, information technology, primary healthcare, provider payments, and quality improvement. Member countries use the Joint Learning Fund to support study tours, workshops, and exchange of personnel to learn from universal health coverage reform strategies that have been successful in other countries.

  • (英文)联合学习:全民医保实现过程中的经验分享


    This book will share our experiences with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage, a program that brings together countries to share their experiences – their challenges and their successes – working toward universal health coverage. It is scheduled for completion by December 2014.




ACCESS Health瑞典研究北欧的电子医疗科技。我们研究当前医疗系统下的信息基础设施和电子医疗科技的设计、历史、内容和应用情况。瑞典政府新建的电子医疗部门也进入了我们的研究范围。

Featured Projects


  • 老年领域案例研究


    ACCESS Health瑞典主要关注老龄化相关的医疗服务系统问题。我们在瑞典的研究特别关注老年人和医疗服务提供方所使用的远程医疗监测系统。我们研究包括覆盖公立医疗机构、私营医疗机构和急诊医院数据交换系统在内的区域性和国家级综合性医疗记录体系;关注包括移动医疗和移动应急分队在内的乐龄领域创新模式;研究分析国家登记系统对瑞典全国同等质量医疗服务可及性的质量与流程管理提升的影响。




Safe care saving lives Project While the government has introduced social insurance and funded upgrades of public healthcare infrastructure, there has also been an overwhelming growth of private investment in the sector. The result – more families today have access to hospital based care than ever before. National, state and private programs have all achieved successes in reaching healthcare targets. However, assuring high quality of care remains a universal challenge. There remains a lack of uniform standards and regulatory measures for healthcare in India. Healthcare...


This is the second part of my two part blog series about dementia. In the first post, I laid out the challenge posed by the growing burden of dementia worldwide and in the United States. In this post, I focus on areas of care and engagement in life as a forward looking response to the public health challenge of dementia. This blog post discusses dementia specific training, caregiving, local supports and services, anti psychotic medicines, care facilities, housing, palliative care, and end of life...
摩登乐龄项目: 关注并培养创业家和企业对乐龄领域创新创业的兴趣,旨在增加能够满足老龄人口需求的企业数量,提升乐龄产业产品和服务的质量。