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ACCESS Health International基于自身的国际合作伙伴关系网络,可为有需要进行国际交流的合作伙伴提供美国、中国、新加坡、瑞典、荷兰、法国、日本、印度等地的医疗、健康、护理专业领域参访活动。


刘畅博士,ACCESS Health 新加坡、中国大陆、中国香港负责人



 For International Partners

ACCESS Health International coordinates joint learning programs between and within countries for those seeking to improve the performance of their health systems. For incoming delegations, ACCESS Health local offices coordinate and suppport meetings and visits of delegations from international institutions in healthcare, aging and other health related sectors. We support events and activities that are in alignment with the overall international strategy and objectives of ACCESS Health International.

For more information in delegation and coordination program in China, please download it here: Delegation and Coordination Services.

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