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The Health Financing Support Program aims to improve health outcomes by ensuring better use of public funds. ACCESS Health analyzes data and communicates key research to help policymakers understand and implement options for health reforms in India and abroad. We also support innovative practitioner partnerships and cross country knowledge transfer to catalyze evidence informed health finance reforms. We are in the process of piloting the program in Madhya Pradesh before expanding it to other states.

The activities of the Health Financing Support Program are organized around three core functions:

The Information Hub for Health Financing is an integrated database and policy interface. It combines literature reviews and qualitative information on health reforms with secondary and administrative data from households and medical facilities. Key indicators will be summarized on a dynamic data dashboard that policymakers can monitor.

The Process for Health Financing Improvements enables participants from different administrative levels of governments and private institutions to diagnose the current health financing system and to build awareness of reform options. It also helps participants support a reform agenda through a collaborative assessment process and targeted technical assistance.

The On Demand Support Fund, a component of the Health Financing Support Program, builds peer linkages among experienced professionals in India and other countries promoting reforms of their healthcare systems.

The Health Financing Support Program is funded by the UK Department for International Development.

Our partners include the National Health Systems Resource Centre, the Public Health Foundation of India, and the World Bank.

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