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ACCESS Health is currently writing Toward Universal Hospital Coverage in India: The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Program of Andhra Pradesh, a book that describes the rapid transformation of the health system of Andhra Pradesh, a state in central India. In 2007, the government of Andhra Pradesh launched an insurance program that provides no cost coverage of hospitalization for all those below the poverty line, about seventy million of a population of about eighty five million total. The insurance program is a public private partnership, whereby that state government pays for treatment of about one thousand hospital procedures. Public and private hospitals are contracted to provide these services free to the patient and reimbursed by the government.

Toward Universal Hospital Coverage: The Aarogyasri Health Insurance Program of Andhra Pradesh will describe the origin of the state insurance program, how it is financed, how it operates, and how it has evolved since inception. The book will also summarize the results of an ACCESS Health independent survey of the use and impact of the insurance program, based on our field studies.

The book will summarize similar insurance programs in other Indian states, including those of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The book will describe the National Health Insurance Programs of India as well.

The objective of the book is to provide an overview of practical experiences to guide those in Indian states and in other countries who wish to implement universal healthcare coverage insurance programs.

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