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(英文)ACCESS Health International 与香港中文大学赛马会老年学研究所建立合作关系

HONG KONG – September 15, 2014 – ACCESS Health International and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Ageing announced a new partnership today. The collaboration will bring together leading experts from a range of disciplines to work toward the shared goal of improving elderly and long term care in mainland China and Hong Kong.

The new partnership between ACCESS Health and the Institute of Ageing will develop and advance best practices and innovation in long term care and care of the elderly. The two organizations signed a Letter of Intent that outlines the plans for the partnership. ACCESS Health and the Institute of Ageing will share experts, conduct joint research, and organize training opportunities. Together, ACCESS Health and the Institute of Ageing will help policymakers, care providers, investors, and other groups to develop effective, efficient, and comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of the rapidly growing market for elderly and long term care.

“We are excited to enter a partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Ageing,” said William A. Haseltine, Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International. “The work we will do together has the potential to improve aged care in China and Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong, like many countries with aging populations, is grappling with how to devise strategies to promote healthy aging, as well as how to provide long term care of older people with multiple morbidity, dependency, and frailty,” said Jean Woo, Director of the Institute of Ageing. “We share similar concerns and visions with ACCESS Health International, and together we hope to make a difference to improve quality of life for older people.”

An aging population is one of the most challenging issues faced by healthcare systems today. According to projections from the United Nations, forty percent of the population of Hong Kong will be over the age of sixty five within the next thirty years. During the same period, the share of the population over age sixty five in mainland China will also increase, from less than eight percent to twenty four percent. The oldest old, those over age eighty, will increase from barely one percent of the population today to seven percent. Given the large population base of the country, the oldest old in China will be the largest group of people aged eighty and over in the world, at nearly 103 million by 2050. Older patients have high rates of one or more chronic disease, which are often difficult and expensive to treat. Mainland China and Hong Kong must now figure out how to provide high quality care while maintaining quality and controlling cost.

The establishment of this strategic partnership is timed to coincide with the upcoming launch of ACCESS Health China and ACCESS Health Hong Kong, the two newest offices from ACCESS Health International. The new mainland China and Hong Kong branches of ACCESS Health will study the local context and draw on lessons in elderly and long term care innovation from the work of ACCESS Health in other settings.

“Just as our work here will rely on expertise developed by ACCESS Health Singapore and ACCESS Health Sweden,” said Haseltine, “the discoveries we make to improve elder and long term care in China and Hong Kong will be of tremendous value to other countries as more and more of them look for answers on how to meet the growing demand for long term care.”

About ACCESS Health International

ACCESS Health International, Inc., is a not for profit think tank and advisory group with a mission to improve access to high quality, affordable healthcare for people everywhere. ACCESS Health partners across sectors in low, middle, and high income countries to drive scalable innovation in healthcare delivery, financing, and technology. For more information about ACCESS Health International, go to

About The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Ageing

In support of the University’s aspiration to overcome the challenges brought by the aging population to society, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Ageing was established in July 2014 with the generous support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The Institute will synergize the research personnel and efforts across disciplines to promote and implement holistic strategies for active aging. Through research, policy advice, community outreach, and knowledge transfer, the Institute aims to make Hong Kong an age friendly city in the world.
For more information contact:

Susan Wile Schwarz
Director of Communications
+1 917 447 1254

Amy Tsui
Director of Communications and Public Relations
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
+852 3943 8894


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