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(英文)《新闻态度》报道:ACCESS Health与卡纳塔克政府Suvarna Arogya Suraksha信托公司合办医疗健康服务方服务成本研讨会

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage held the first ever train the trainer workshop on costing of health services for provider payments. The five day workshop taught participants how to design a costing study and how to train other practitioners to use costing study techniques. The workshop attracted participants from ten Joint Learning Network countries, including India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ghana, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Moldova. The workshop was organized by ACCESS Health International and the Suvarna Arogya Suraskha Trust, Government of Karnataka, on behalf of the Provider Payment Mechanism Costing Collaborative of the Joint Learning Network. The Suvarna Arogya Suraskha Trust is one of the Joint Learning Network representatives in India.

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