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Case Study: The Most Fragile Elderly Project

Interview with Dr. Eva Nilsson Bågenholm, National Coordinator for Elder Care

To meet the social care and healthcare demands of the aging Swedish population, the Swedish government decided to identify the care needs of the most fragile elderly. This case study examines the Most Fragile Elderly Project and its results. The case study begins with an interview with Dr. Eva Nilsson Bågenholm, the national coordinator for elder care. The second part of the case study provides a background of the project. The third part includes a detailed breakdown of outcomes in five focus areas: preventive care, dementia care, end of life care, medications, and care coordination.

Click here to read the interview with Dr. Maj Rom, the former coordinator of the Most Fragile Elderly Project.

摩登乐龄项目: 关注并培养创业家和企业对乐龄领域创新创业的兴趣,旨在增加能够满足老龄人口需求的企业数量,提升乐龄产业产品和服务的质量。