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Modern Aging is a practical guide for young entrepreneurs who wish to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly. The book summarizes the curriculum of the Modern Aging program in Sweden, sponsored by ACCESS Health International and funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation. The Modern Aging program competitively selected a group of young entrepreneurs. Those selected had the opportunity to submit a business plan, one of which was offered funds to initiate the proposed business. The program introduced the participants to Swedish experts in business and the needs of the elderly.

Modern Aging presents a clear, easy to read summary of the presentations by leading Swedish entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics. The text captures the vibrant presentations and question and answer sessions. Topics include ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs, accounting for startups, how to create sustainable businesses, how innovative products enter the elder care sector, and crowdfunding.

Modern Aging is also available as an eBook on

摩登乐龄项目: 关注并培养创业家和企业对乐龄领域创新创业的兴趣,旨在增加能够满足老龄人口需求的企业数量,提升乐龄产业产品和服务的质量。